Making Bella's Playroom

A glimpse of the room, and that is an oversized tutu, waiting to fit miss Bella someday.
Nope, not yet ready. The room is still full of boxes, waiting for me to come by and start setting up the room.

This is pretty much the color though; I chose dusty pink and peach. I was thinking of having a less girly look, but obviously I could not help myself. Bought the fabrics for the curtain from IKEA and had them sew it for me. Not too bad I should say, they charge quite affordable rates for the sewing.

The plan is to make a playroom for Bella. I hope that she will spend most of her playing time in this room, so I have to make it as appealing as possible. Most of the furniture for this room, we already have. Just another piece perhaps; a nice fluffy carpet to complete the look. Carpets are expensive though! Not sure where to really get a good bargain. Any idea?

I have a few inspirations for the room too, thanks to my endless search in the WWW.

A carpet like this tickles my fancy {via Google Search}

Girls Bedroom
A fort like this would be lovely for Bella to play make believe {via Pinterest}

Scrapbook papers as wall arts. {via Pinterest}

IKEA Spice Racks as a book holder. Clever! {via Pinterest}

I have so much more in hand. Now I should really sit down and think of which to realize. Will try to blog about it when I am done too :o)

Till then!


AyNz said…
love this!! =)
creative as usual!!
heart! :)
Ayuni A. said…
Thanks Aynz :) Maybe a room for your little one too? Hehe

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