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If you ask me one thing that makes online shopping so fun, it sure would be the convenience.

Especially eversince my hands are full with my motherly duties. Sometimes when I felt like splurging or finding something that I really need, the only thing that stops me would be the time factor and of course the getting-there part. I just don’t have that much time anymore!

I used to think that online shopping would not grow that fast in Malaysia (yeah, sometimes I could be that pessimist), but hey, it seems that I am totally wrong.

Apparently people does not shop online for clothing only now, you can even order pizza or buy your groceries online! Aaah...the joy of convenience. Always my cup of tea. In most occassions, I’d pay a bit just to enjoy such thing.

And what would be more pleasant than discovering that now, I can even buy home items and furnitures online! Now I can say goodbye to that weekend trip to the crowded furniture store, especially when I just needed to buy something small like a storage box or maybe a refill for my aromatherapy living room perfume.

Lets take a look at the said online store:

Besides the convenience, what I love most about this store would also be the wide selection of furnitures, decor and home products. You can find almost all categories here, from outdoor furnitures to playroom furnitures, from cookware to designer stools. How cool is that?

These are just some of the products that they have to offer:

And did I mention they also have a variety of payment methods? You can pay by credit card, online banking and they even have cash on delivery! And the delivery charges you may ask? None! Another coolness factor there ;)

I also love this wishlist that I get to create when I browse for products, something that I really need especially when I start getting “rambang mata” with all the products. LOL. Ehem excuse me for that.

So now comes the fun part. You didn’t really expect me to enjoy this alone don’t you?

As an appreciation to my beloved readers (that's you!), Home 24 is also offering you an RM10 shopping voucher, for your own shopping experience :)

What you have to do is just key in the voucher code : READP110 when you are checking out to make your payment.

I hope you get to enjoy this store as much as I did.

Happy shopping!

P/S : As I am writing, I am waiting for Bella’s kids armchair that I have purchased. Can’t wait for it to reach home!


mommyNadia said…
nice online shop!!
thx for review ;)
NeemoNeemo™ said…
Yeah, nice review. thanks for the recommendation!

(BTW, hi there! I'm new here)
Unknown said…
Cool! Thanks babe for the recommendation. :)
Ayuni A. said…
No problem ladies :) Hope you made some shopping too. heheh.

Hi Anoneemus, first time seeing you here! Thanks for dropping by! :)

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