Sponsored Post: Awesome possum Dinosaurs Live!

I have always been in the search of things to do during the weekends, and what a pleasure it was to be offered an opportunity to visit this awesome exhibition in Pusat Sains Negara, Mont Kiara.

Hubby is an avid fan of dinosaurs, so he was more than happy to take us there.

The exhibition features life-sized animatronic dinosaurs, in a lush jungle setting, and yes,together with sound effects too. Descriptions and information about each of the species are also provided alongside them. The dinosaurs seemed so lively, they even move their heads as if they are about to swallow us whole!

I was astounded to finally realize that the T-Rex is actually a lot huge than what I thought it was. So ingenuous of me to think that it was only the size of a mammoth when it is actually double (or triple?) in size! Scary huh? No wonder humans did not exist in their age yet, if not we must have only been their afternoon snack! LOL

Besides the dinosaurs, there are also other activities like Outrun a Dinosaur game, Guided Tours, Photoshoot with a dinosaur as well as a gift and souvenir kiosk.

I would definitely recommend this exhibition if you have older kids ranging from kindergarten to high school. Of course in my case Bella was only excited to see the lights and hear the sounds, but nonetheless I am sure Bella had enough fun. And no, she was not even scared at all!

I took my 15 year old sister along with us too, and she enjoyed the exhibition, besides being thrilled to experience the collection of experiments Pusat Sains Negara has to offer.

Apart from the huge crowd (it was the school holidays), all in all it was a entertaining and educational experience for all of us.

Sooo glad that we did something other than shopping in the weekends. This mommy really needs to put a stop to her frequent shoppings lately :P

I suggest you plan one trip to this exhibition too! :)

“Dinosaurs Live!” runs from May 1 to July 31. Entry fees are RM15 per adult and RM12 for children aged 7-12 years, and students with IDs. It’s free for all children below the age 6. For more information you can visit www.dinosaurslive.com.my or the Dinosaurs Live! Facebook Page.


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