Time to fly away on a jetplane.

Did I tell you that we are going on a holiday soon?
As exciting as it sounds, I am actually cracking my head on how to survive the 3 hour flight with my curious and full-of-emotion toddler. Thank God it is only a 3 hour flight!

But then again, I am still worried. I hope that she doesn’t throw any tantrums during the flight, and I wish that it would be a smooth journey right from the departure until the return.

So being the usual googly me, I am still in a midst of doing research on how to pack my carry-on and keep our sanity on board. Just wanted to share some links that you might find useful, if you are also planning to travel with your child soon.

I am yet to come up with any verdict, maybe once I am home from the trip I will try to share with you my experience and whether what I shared here is proven to be true! And of course, you are more than welcomed to share a tip or two :) Would appreciate it very much!

P/S: The last time I took Bella on a plane was when she is less than a year old, and on a short 45 minutes flight from Kuantan to KL. I could not wait for the plane to land!


Anonymous said…
salam perkenalan... :) thanks for sharing the tips esp about that sleepless nights with your baby ;) as i'm having one now.. with my 3 yr old boy! bedtime battle still on..! *pheww* :( i thnk that article actually brought me to your lovely blog.. ;) keep writing, yunayuni :) and err.. all d best for this latest task! :))
Anonymous said…
ooppss... maybe i can share what i did for my 1 y.o boy during our 6 hr flight to oz last 2 yrs.. i skipped his afternoon nap and he slept like a baby on d plane.. my other 2 kids? colouring and.. sleep! :)
mommaholicSURI said…
wau!!! Happy holiday dear!! :)
Ayuni A. said…
@syanashwa: Salam perkenalan :) thanks for dropping by! Oh skipping nap, that is brilliant. I'll see if i can do that. Thanks!

@mommaholicsuri: thanks dearie :) wish me luck!

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