A late post for 13th April (like usual...)

Oh hello, I am officially 28 years old now.

I did not have much of a big celebration on the day itself, but there were some things that happened here and there which I do heart. Like these…

A present from mama
Another short trip to our home in Kuantan

Birthday treat from Starbucks

Gathering with old and close friends from uni :)

And a surprise birthday cake. How sweet :,)

I felt a tad older, but never a second sad because I know I have grown wiser.

As an addition to the list that I made during my 27th birthday last year, let me just add another one to mark my 28th year.
Here is to 28 years of life, I pray that Allah bless me with a continuous wisdom to learn more and become a better person as a whole, Insya Allah.


Qistin Fadzin said…
happy belated birthday, dear!
Ayuni A. said…
Thanks Qis :)

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