A new beginning.

8th February 2012.

Today marks my first day working in a new office at a new location. I have said my goodbyes to Kuantan, but not for good yet, because we still have our lovely home there. I have been missing my home every second, I don’t know, maybe because I have grown too attached to my own place and making my own rules.

Bella too seems to be missing home, however I am glad that I managed to carry her crib all the way to my mom’s place. At least she has something familiar to settle down every night.

First day was not so bad, at least I have more time to organize and arrange my workspace (my favorite part of moving).

Plus there are lots and lots of things to catch up, for this particular job I would say that the lingo and the jargons can make one text book. Ok maybe that is an overstatement. But anyway, they are still new things to me.

I took traffic for granted this morning, lazing around before getting into the shower. Heheh. Papa already told me that I departed late, and yes, I was stuck in traffic and was 20 mins late on my first day. Great. Thanks to a tanker who decided to turnover right at the very exit to Bukit Jelutong. It took me forever just to reach the toll and my office is just a km away from the exit. But no worries, we have flexi hour in place. Hence, not going home yet at this time. Hehe.

I am looking forward to moving in our new home, but its still not going to happen so soon. We just signed the SnP Agreement, and now waiting for all those consents from the authorities, blablabla. Probably we can only move in in April onwards, I am praying hard that it wont take too long. Moving into a new house can be quite exciting, if you leave out the tiring packing and unpacking process. And maybe this should allow me more time so save money for our new house improvements :) I hope that I get to make Bella’s room as what I have envisioned in my mind (yeah you saw that coming didn’t you?).

I will be writing again. I have something to tell about Bella’s sleep training. I think it is worth sharing.

Till then.


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