On parenting.

There was once a time when I was single,I used to pass judgements especially about how certain parents raise their children.

Like parents who leave their children in a car unattended, or parents who lets their kids run around in a restaurant when everyone else are trying to enjoy their meals. Or parents who spoil their kids by being too pampering, and parents who just let their child cry their lungs off without making any speck of effort to calm them down.

But the table turned when I had my own. Slowly I came to reasoning, instead of merely passing judgement. I have figured that I should stop judging how other parents raise their children, because parenting is something that is very subjective. There is no hard and fast rules to parenting. Children are just too unique, each and every one of them brings different sets of challenges.

There are loads of parenting books out there, and not to mention websites. But those are merely guides, I do not think that there is such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution.

Parents are humans too. So,bad decisions are bound to be made. What's important is we equip ourselves with the necessity to be a better parent, like learning from a mistake and always strive to do our best for our children. Being a parent is also a learning process, and like all other knowledge it sticks better in the head (and heart) when you experience it. People around us can criticize and compare, but we are the ones who should know our children best. Accept advises though, because there is no harm in it and it may turn out good too.

In parenting I always believe in this : Childrens are a reflection of their parents. How we behave, and how we lead our lives will ultimately shape our children's personality.With that in mind, Insha Allah we will continuously better ourselves to instill all the good things and values in our children's life.


On another note, my weekend has been productive! I have conquered the paper monster, well there may be some more of them but mostly, I did it! Now I am proud to say that all my important documents are tucked neatly in their files, and the aftermath, 2 bags of stashed papers!

Next project, a Household Binder. I was inspired by IHeartOrganizing, so find out more here! :)


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