I could not thank God enough.

I have been trying to stay positive and count my blessings everyday. I have realized that doing this improves my quality of life, and frees me from unnecessary worries and woes (even though sometimes I fail. I am just a human).

Ever since the uplifting thing that happened to me (in my previous post), I just could not thank God enough.

At some point I feel afraid to get too excited and happy. I do not consider myself a superstitious person but sometimes when I am in a happy and blissful state, there is a little portion of my heart that still does not allow me to express it too out loud.

It almost feels like if I do it, anything bad can happen to take it back from me. Like there is something hiding in the dark closet that will just pop out and haunt me just because it does not like to see me being happy.

Or maybe in plain words, I am just afraid that I overdo it.

But anyway, good news is meant to be shared right? I feel wrong if I do not share my happiness with people who deserve it. And I do not see any harm in announcing it to my fellow readers. Its not like I will be ambushed by Melodi or what anyway right? Right. LOL

Alhamdulillah, my plan to get transferred to an office in KL/Selangor is finally taking place. At first, I have made my mind to resign, but by having supportive superiors, eventhough they were reluctant of letting me go, they still offered to help me address my family constraints.

I was prepared to stay on for another 4 months at least, but Alhamdulillah God has an even better plan for me. I was offered a new job in another totally new field for me in our Selangor office – Marketing Operations (but not salesman ya!)

If everything goes smoothly, I will be based in KL again by next February.

Meanwhile, this is no joyride for me at all. I have loads of things to prepare: work and family wise. Work wise, there are a lot of things that I have to handover properly, if not the efforts that I have made during my short tenure in my current place will just go in the drain. Family wise - house hunting, planning for the move, financing and finding the right fitting daycare for my baby. Don’t mention about other petty things that will come along the way. For that, I guess I will just go with the flow.

I will try to write as much as I can, just for the sake of documenting my experience. I hope that I find the time. House hunting has officially begun, this weekend we have a few appointments already. Hope it goes well. We are going to scout around for Bella’s daycare too.

I hope that with this move, things are going to get better. Its good that I get to spend more time with my parents and in laws and maybe catch up with some old friends again. Most importantly, Bella will get to see her abah everyday and I get to cook for hubby and take care of him again :)

P/s: I foresee that the new job is something to talk about too, but I will just keep it tucked in my mind for now. Heheh.


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