All it takes is effort.

I am unusually sleepy tonight. At 10.15pm just now I decided that I am going to call it a night.But here I am, half an hour later, writing again.

I need the sleep though, so I will keep (try) to keep this simple.

Well there are a lot of things going on in my life right now, mostly the ones that comes and goes, like preparing for my baby's 1st birthday, or doing the dishes or the laundry. But one has not yet found an ending, yes, my dilemma or let's just say my inability to cope with the distance between me and my husband.

You see, after living together for quite a while, I already grew comfortable living together. But as life goes on, we had to encounter another crossroad, which in the end requires distance as a temporary solution. So I thought I'd live with it.

Like I said, I suck at distance. So I am at a crossroads again : What am I going to do to solve this problem?

I have 2 options, quit work and follow the hubs, or stay. So which one am I going to choose?

In making this decision, I had to really think of it. Like really think the hell out of me. So here I am, still indecisive. Like all other things, those 2 options have their pros and cons. I weigh it out all the time, in my mental note and even scribbling it in my organizer during a meeting.

I was this close to quitting my job, but then, just when I was about to finalize it, God lit another path for me. And that path is to continue working (because to be realistic, I have to have RM30K to pay for my study loan if I quit now). But working here, is not an option. So I am going to give it a go, I am trying out for a transfer to KL. Why KL? Because according to my hubs plan, next year, God willing, he will be relocated to KL again.

Efforts, have to be made. It's not going to be easy breezy, but I believe that with some efforts and prayers, I will be there eventually.

I guess my dream of becoming a successful domestic goddess has to wait a while. I wish I could realize it early but it seems that time is not permitting it, yet.

Pray for me will you?


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