To KL then to Kampung

Aaaah...another holiday vibes in the air. Me likey.

This year is hubby's turn to raya with his family, so it is a bit of convenience because we will be heading against the main traffic during the peak travelling time tomorrow. We are heading to Kuala Lumpur to celebrate the first day of raya.

But then hubby has to work on the 3rd raya (me not likey), so fortunately I still have the chance to join my family for raya in my kampung, Kota Bharu. Did I tell you that hubby is working in Kota Bharu? Yes he does, so I will be spending some time in my kampung while hubs goes to work. We will be heading to KB on the 2nd day of raya (and I hope that the traffic settles by then).

So there, a reason for me to be a bit more joyous for Eid this year.

How about you, where are you celebrating your Eid this year? Well anywhere you may be, I wish you a wonderful and memorable one this year. Salam Aidilfitri!

* back to packing mode......*


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