Let's not waste.

The clock is now at 1.33 am and I am still (working ever so hardly) burning the midnight oil. My eyes are drooping lower and lower as I speak but sometimes having time all to myself is what I really need.

I managed to clean up my food pantry tonight, it all started with just a small gesture of opening the tall unit and next thing I know I am stashing things away.

It hits me hard that I have the tendency of buying food stocks and letting it slip past the expiry date. I guess its about time to admit that I do not have that much time to make sushi or to bake a chocolate cake. Well maybe someday I'll get to that, but definitely not now.

People in Somalia are dying of starvation, and it is ugly that I am having lots of expired foods to throw away. One bad habit discovered, now to work on the self improvement.

I hereby vow to be more prudent when buying groceries, insya Allah.


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