Sh*t Happens

As disgusting as it may sound, it’s so true.

Being in the workforce for my 5th year now has given me a rude awakening; that office politics is inevitable, regardless of what organization you are in.

You may vow to be the most honest and loyal worker on earth, and you may have a very prudent manager backing you up. But somehow up the ladder, there will be one or more person who is willing to do anything to get what they want, even when it means that they need to step on you, the honest one, to achieve it. So get ready my friend, as competent or as honest you can be, there is no sure way that you can work your way to the top that easily.

Some go to the length of humiliating themselves by spitting and licking their spit back. They say they put families first, but then when the cash comes in they act another way around. It’s so obvious, it’s humiliating.

Some gets very lucky because even when they obviously could not get things done, they still manage to rise because they have good connections (and maybe personal ones, I don’t know). It’s about WHO you know nowadays, not WHAT YOU CAN DO.

Some just stabs you from behind. They say nice things to your face; they stab your back the moment you turn around.

Some just cry and beg and get so pathetic.

So why all these happens?

Because we are all humans. As wise and civilized human beings can be, we are all desperate and selfish creatures at the same time.

Gosh, I do not wish to judge people, but these days not judging is the most challenging thing to do. Damn it.

God give me the strength to survive this, give me the wisdom to make the correct decisions and give me the tolerance to accept that sh*t does happen.

“How people treat you is their choice; how you react is yours – Quoted”


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