Our Garden

I should be very grateful that at this age hubby and I already managed to own a house. Eventhough it is someplace very unlikely, still it has became our sanctuary. We live in a small coastal village near Kemaman, Terengganu. It is still under the state of Pahang, and it is still Kuantan, but it is very near to the border.

You may ask why we chose to live here, basically it all goes back to our work constraints, but after a while we have already get used to this peaceful place. I gotta admit though, that the distance to a full fledged town is quite far, but so far I can still manage (its hard to ignore the city girl in me especially when it comes to shopping :P). I guess its fair that at least we have the beach and quite the privacy.

Alhamdulillah, finally we were able to get the garden done. Since we moved to this house, the garden was very unkempt. Shrubs and wild vegetations were growing all over the place, and I tell you they grow fast! Not to mention some surprising edible plants too, like spinach and a kind of ulam. Free veges there, but honestly we did not eat it because of some uncertainties. Heheh.

It is really good that we finally got it done, because since Bella is growing up and would soon find her legs, we want to make sure that she have a proper place to play outdoors.

We are more of a minimalistic people, so as you may have imagined, there is only a mango tree and some pebbles for an artistic touch. Maybe later we will consider having more plants, meanwhile we still have to make sure that the grass grows and greens up (they demand a lot of water!).


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