Bella's water debut.

Bella is already 7 months, and today, she made her debut in the pool.

To be honest this mummy has been waiting like forever to take her baby into the pool, well just to get her comfortable with water as early as possible, and maybe learn to swim a little faster :)

As usual Bella always has a thing with water, she is just a natural around it. I think maybe its in the genes. Haha.

Besides the water debut, Bella is now able to stand up with some support and start cruising furnitures already. But she is not able to sit up on her own, because most of the time she is interested on standing up or crawling only. I end up have to put her to sit especially during mealtimes. Hope she will learn to sit up on her own soon.

In terms of speech, she is already making a lot of vowel sounds, like ba-ba-ba or dah-dah-dah. That's a good progress. I guess the mommy word has to wait for now. And she screams a lot too!

Bella is most of the time a good mannered baby, but of course as she grow older she is now capable of showing emotions when she is unhappy and needs a rest. I am still learning to handle her crankiness, usually she will settle down when she gets her milk or a little cuddle. Sometimes I get some drooly and slimy wet kiss from her too :)

So that's about it, Bella in her 7th month, reporting live from Chendor,Kuantan. Haha.


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