My new toy!

I finally possess a DSLR quality camera, thanks to hubby for making it my late birthday gift :) At first I was eyeing Panasonic Lumix GF1/GF2, but when hubby proposed of Sony Nex I just could not let the pink colour go. Thehehe....

Plus I think Lumix is a bit more "serious" and techy, whilst Sony Nex is a bit more user friendly, which is very suitable for a lazy person like me. I was looking for a compact but DSLR-like functionality, so the best type to go is this particular "in-the-middle" specs.

Woke up early Sunday morning and the first thing I did was snapping Bella's photos.

I could not imagine getting anything better than this!

Thanks hubby, I love you! (I hope you are reading this :P)


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