Not long until solids.

I think someday Bella is going to turn into a foodie like me. Ok ok too early to tell.

Maybe it was just her curiousness, which made her tried to grab the green tea cup from me. The funny thing is that she was actually trying to put it into her mouth.

But then again she always has this kind of interest whenever she watches me or her dad eat. At one point she even stopped playing with her toys and paid full attention to our munching mouth. It made me feel so sorry for her that i could not share my food (yet). Don't worry dear, someday you will get to enjoy all the glorious flavours the world has to offer. For the meantime I hope my breastmilk is sufficient to satiate your budding tastebuds :)

"Hmm..I wonder how my toes taste like, with this colourful thingy on"


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