On being fashionably modest.

I am not much of a modelesque figure, nor a flawless beauty.

But one thing for sure is that i love fashion. Not many of my friends/family knows this, perhaps i have been doing a great job keeping it to myself. I have been keeping up with the trends all this while, but of course i have not really wear it all. I know that jumpsuits are now making a comeback, and leggings is now topping jeans. And speaking about jeans, you gotta wear it skinny these days. Or maybe just don a jeggings but make sure the bombom part is covered.

Let me just say that i am the kind who believes in a personal style. As for my own, i'd say that i am more of a practical person. My tagline for fashion would be in-trend, but keeping the practicality factor on. Here i mean practicality in terms of the weather, activity and most importantly modesty.

I noticed that there is this kind of boom in the hijab fashion in Malaysia these days. Many hijabis are now bold enough to play with fashion and try to stay in trend while keeping their modesty. Layering is the key. But unfortunately in this part of the world layering is not always the best option. As a practical person i find layering sometimes difficult, because i just cannot stand the heat (and another thing is that it will take me ages to get to breastfeed my baby if she is with me). So the key is to layer it smart. There are also many independent hijabi fashion bloggers out there too, which i admit is full of inspiration and stylish. I even follow many of them. But as a follower of a trend, a piece of advice to share if i may, is to be smart to choose your style. Sometimes when we are busy trying to keep up we tend to forgot the smaller things, like avoiding tight/silhouetting outfits, or covering the neck/arms, and the most ideal, covering the chest. I came across an article about Hana Tajima recently, in which the title somehow meant like eventhough she puts on a hijab, she is still sexy. Now wait a minute, I do not think that this is proper. Hijab is not supposed to make you sexier, isn't it? That does not serve the purpose at all.Well i do not know what exactly the writer meant, but as a reader of course that was what came into my mind the first time i read it. Poor Hana, perhaps she was misunderstood. This is exactly what we should avoid. Misunderstanding and fitnah.

Oh no no, I am not perfect. I admit that i myself lack in this "small" department too, but i think that it is good to make an effort to tackle it, one cloth at a time. My hijab style is still not the most ideal, but i want to at least try to wear it the right way. I try to remember this everytime I go shopping for my wardrobe. And thankfully nowadays it is not so hard to find something that you can creatively turn into a modest style anymore. It is all about creativity and of course having fun doing it.

So how about you? Do you have a fashion resolution?

Fashion fades, style is eternal. - Yves Saint Laurent


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