Sometimes the good things are right in front of our eyes…

…but sometimes we have to make some effort to find it.

Working in the customer service line like me requires a lot of patience. There is no such thing as what you give, you get back. Usually, it works the other way around.

Being some kind of the first line of defense for the department, we became a punching bag for most of our users. From the littlest thing to the biggest, they get frustrated and pissed off easily. But users are customers, so in the end of the day, we are the ones who are supposed to manage our feelings, and one of it is not to take it personally.

There are occasional difficult users, who really do not know how to properly ask for help. There are also those who are not cooperative, and some are even selfish and expect us to bow to them like their servants.

Being young and hot-blooded (this is what the old Malay folks says, that young people have hot blood, hence the hot temperament), I am still learning to manage my feelings every time I had to deal with these kind of people.

And, if I feel like getting motivated again, I like to browse and re-read the closed tickets which have been accepted by the users. To my surprise, there are actually nice remarks made, which, on a bad day, can lit me up again. Its kind of hidden, these remarks, I had to open the tickets and scroll down to a tiny line at the bottom like these :

So yes, whatever it is in life, i think it’s worth making an effort, just to feel a little bit better again.


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