Of 2011, and come what may.

Aaah, its already the 5th of January 2011, and here I am just barely giving a real thought about my resolutions for this new year.

I had a Whatsapp conversation with my dear friend Sarah this morning about 2011 and our resolutions, and I figured why not I really make an effort to document and try to make it happen (for real).

So here goes, my resolutions for this year. A quick disclaimer, I said I will try to make it happen. And yes, I will do my best to get to it.

1) I have been complaining about my job for some time, and I think now is the time for me to do something about it. So I am getting a new job this year.
2) Get a scuba diving license
3) Keep-in-touch better with families and friends
4) Be happy with my body image
5) Get back on the fitness track
6) Travel somewhere far
7) Be a better person, as a whole.

Yes that's about it. Apart from raising my daughter, those are what I am going to do this year.

And good luck in realizing your resolutions too! ;)


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