A letter to my baby : 21 Weeks

Dear baby,
It has been officially 20 weeks since you made your existence in my tummy. Up to this point, our journey was a rollercoaster ride, especially for me, but I am glad that you seem to be doing fine. You made me realize how mothers are able to compromise and make sacrifices, right from the moment that they have a child in their womb until forever. You made me appreciate my own mother even more, simply by sitting quietly and growing in my own womb.

There has not been any time that I counted days more than I do now. Each day seems to crawl sometimes, but at some days it seemed like a breeze. Every Tuesday I would eagerly check my email, for the notification that I am hitting the next week. And now look at us; we are already half past the journey!

My baby,
I know we just barely made it halfway, but honestly I am so eager to meet you already. Sometimes before I close my eyes to sleep, I imagine how the day of your arrival would be. It scares me, I admit that, but as much as it does, the fact that I get to cuddle and kiss you in my arms chases those scary thoughts away. I pray for us everyday, may God make our journey safe and sound for both of us.

Abah and I are contemplating on your stuff now, what’s best to get for you once you are in this world, so that you will get all the comfort and safe haven that you deserve. We hope that could provide you for all your needs and be the best parents that we could be.

Baby sayang,
So you just do your wonderful job of growing in there ok? We have another 19 weeks to go, and isn’t that a short time? Time flies, you will realize when you are here soon. And try not to be too active at night ok?

Mommy loves you



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