Kitchen Therapy

They say shopping is the best therapy.
I say yes it is, and so does kitchen therapy.

Project hujung minggu (sangat hujung because i started at around 6.30pm Sunday): Popiah sardin.

Tapi dapat seciput aje..alahai..then i got too lazy to mix up another can of sardines. Oklah next week pulak.Hihi.

p/s: But then i seem to get my balls of my feet aching when i spend too much time standing and working in the kitchen. Gotta cut down the kitchen projects now.


Unknown said…
uuuu nice. :) its been a long time tak buat popiah at home. anyway hows u and the baby? hope both are okay. anyway linked ya at my personal blog. :)
Ayuni A. said…
hey aim!! thanks for dropping and i both doing fine so far :) just some aching here and there, which is normal coz i am getting biggerlah.hihi..
Unknown said…
do take care yea. :) would love to chit chat with u about recipes and wifey thingy. haha.

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