Finally a time for my own.


Has been quite a while. The same excuses so i wont say it. Anyway, i am finally on a long break from work. Took annual leave for 5 days, until next weekend. Reason being: parents and akila coming back from Holland. Yeay!

I am at the cc nearby home in Ampang, together with 2 of my bros. We all cant wait for papa, mama and Akila to come home tomorrow. But then, need to take a good sleep tonight so that i can wake up early and drive to KLIA tomorrow morning. By the way they will be back for a whole month. Great huh?

So let me see where i left off..oh yes, it was in April. My Lotus Notes training in KL. sheesh, has it been that long.August is just few days away.Come August i will be 8 months as an employee of my company.

Speaking of which, i have found a new interest while being an employee here. MEDIC. aha, sounds off my field but yeah. As i have said some time before,my company actually has a very firm policy on HSE.So,we had a chance to be an Advanced First Responder..which means, some kind of like paramedics,but only as assistants. They give you trainings, and allowances. Ehem. But really, allowance is not only the best part. For me its the experience. So here i am glad to say that i am now a Certified First Aider. hehe.But then i hope that i would be able to apply it when the time comes. You never know, but at least now i am ready.Its an added advantage while working here, so yeah, worklife here is not very dull after all.


HafizChan said…
yunn, pernafasan dari mulut ke mulut camna, muahahaha...

weis mu dah tukar hp number ke? misscall aku 019 355 2584...

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