Of a late update, again.

Blogging has not been the first item in my list for the past month, and for that i am sorry. Ehehe..Sarah is giving me a shout there and i guess its time for me to get back on track.

Anyway, life has been, well, slow..Not so slow but it was not fast like it used to be either..My car has finally been repaired, but today i sent it to the workshop again coz some idiot made a scratch to the front bumper when they were repairing it that day..what an inconvinience!! Arghh..Trust me, you would not want to live here if you do not have personal transportation.

I have entered the 4th month of working here, and i am forgetting that i am still in probation. Guess i got comfortable over here, i just wish that i would not take things for granted. Work has not been very friendly, but i still can manage. After all, i think it is better to be occupied with work rather than being occupied with "waiting-for-5.30pm-without-doing-anything".

I am currently glued to the new series Heroes, which actually attracts me with its hot hunk Dr Suresh and a very lovable Japanese character, Hiro. Emry gave me a copy of 12 episodes, and i am yet to finish it. Since i do not have any DVD player, i am actually willing to drive back and forth to Diyana's house just to watch it. Plus there is nothing much left in my current house in Balok and i'd rather spend my time away from it.

Oh yes, i am moving out soon...which i will tell more in the next entry..Hehe. I will keep my promise this time.


Emri said…
nanti saya update lagi ngan latest heroes kay. tunggu peter tunjuk power dia...think superman. hahaha
Ayuni A. said…
oo yer..nnti u kasik eh..maseyh~ =)
HafizChan said…
cool la mama mu Yunnie, huhu...btw, lanie dok jadi kaya laei, tengah menimba ilmu pengetahuan...kalo kaya cepat-cepat tu mcm skim cepat kaya pulak, huhu. du-it legally :)
intanfareha said…
i reeally think actor dlm heroes mcm tak reti berlakon...any i really hope you tertukar suresh with somebody else...seriously yun??

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