Meeting blues.

It is still raining outside. It got sunny for a while and the rain just comes again. It is a wet season here, but life still goes on.Only the sea does not look as friendly and welcoming.

Today i had a 3-hour meeting.Meetings always makes me feel so darn tired. Back in UTP meetings always last long because of the side conversations we had ( u know, students),talk about other things rather than the real issue that should be discussed. Eventhough it could take up to 3 hours, you just get bored but your head does not feel like exploding.

In the working world, it is different. Imagine 3 hours of all inputs.3 hours of serious discussions. Argghh...i felt like dying. But what to do, that's work. Think i will just have to bear with it. Will be experiencing it every month anyway ( it was a department meeting).

Working life has a lot of REAL challenges. Now i really miss being a student.

To you guys still a student out there, please enjoy your life while you can. That would be my honest advice.


remember when in school, we wish we finish school n be free of ridiculous rules n regulations and teachers so dat we can go to university. then we got into uni, have a free and independent life. then we wish it to end soon so dat we can get a job, get pay n have own money. then we graduated and start working, we wish we're still a uni student *sigh*
Ayuni A. said… true.uhuhu~
weezerie said…
i'm enjoying myself as hard as i could u know....

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