Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet.

Perhaps the most basic thing that i know about this series is that it started with a couple who loves to travel around the world. Dang, where do they get all the money, i dont know.

Perhaps the most impossible thing that i have for this is that i want to be one of the presenter in Lonely Planet 6 Degrees. Be the new Asha Gill. Travel around the world. Meet interesting people. Eat exotic foods. Inhale different air.

I found a book at Kinokuniya KLCC about the travels of the couple founder of Lonely Planet. It was basically about the places they have been to, including beautiful photos of the places. Places so remote, people do not realize its beauty. Places you never heard before. I was stuck to that book the moment i entered the bookshop, i nearly bought a piece. But then considering the price and my budget, i changed my mind.

Well, maybe i cannot be on Lonely Planet. But then again i think i can create my own Lonely Planet series. Maybe it would not go to Channel 11 at Astro but it will definitely come here. Hehe.

I am seriously considering Scuba Diving. Just need to save some moolahs for me to start a beginner's course with PADI.

Then maybe someday i will get to see the Great Barrier Reef. That, if the global warming does not swallow it whole.. hopefully~


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