I am back in blogworld.. Did not find much time to blog now since i always end up watching tv and straightaway go to sleep after office hours..I even already can memorize the tv shows everyday now. He he.

Anyway, it has been nearly a month since i started work here. I got my first pay slip already..But alas, having much things to pay now i must be very careful with the money..But that anyhow, did not prevent me from enjoying the finer things in life ( and after enjoying it i will always find ways to 'sedapkan hati') haha. Went to KLCC with Papa and bro Alefee and bought a GUESS wallet and a set of Clinique Happy Heart =)

I am starting to enjoy my work here..well, i think i can say that, coz i do not look wishfully at the clock anymore . Time is flying by here, and my hands are full. Living in a place like this is not so bad after all, you will start to appreciate serenity more..Seriously, i was kinda head-achy when i went back to KL last week. Haha.

Tengkujuh season is still going on here, but Alhamdulillah the floods are going away. Strong winds is still blowing, and it also drizzling time to time..I wish i could go see the angry waves again..looking at them makes me think about God and his wonderful power..

Till then..


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