I am here in UTP again. This time to celebrate my own day, my Convocation. Alhamdulillah, after 4 and half years of ups and downs, i finally have a degree in my hands. Tomorrow everything will be official.

To be honest i really have quite a time accepting the fact that i have already ended my study years. I feel like only yesterday i wore dark blue pinafores, and then a pair of white and turqoise baju kurung, and then wear casual attires to the lecture hall in UTP. Everything went by so fast and today i am about to wear a dark blue robe.

Now i am moving on into a new phase of my life. A working adult. Besides the commitment of work, i also have extra responsibility of taking care of my siblings and family matters,since my parents are moving overseas. They havent gone yet but i am feeling the pressure already.

The convofair this year is more happening than before, and that makes this once in a lifetime event even more meaningful. It is so great to be able to celebrate with friends, and reminiscing the past together. Being a student of UTP would be the happiest chapter of my life.

I will be missing everything very much. Life must go on, but i treasure these moments forever.


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