Ouch. Too long it has been...

Haven't had time to update these days, so busy with many things. But now, i think i am finally settling down. Except for one more thing to do.

I am currently at home, and have officially cleared everything with UTP already. Isk..it was a bittersweet moment again, saying goodbye to the campus. huhu.

I actually reached home last week, it was Tuesday. Then the next Thursday i had to attend a painstaking interview with PETRONAS in KLCC. It took me the whole day, eventhough my slot was around 6.45pm! I reached KLCC at 11am and reached back home around 8pm. Penat betol!
Then, the next day i had to wake up really early to make a move for Rawang, where i had to attend another interview with PERODUA. The corporate office was quite far from Putrajaya, and i had to be there at 9.30 am,so me and Emry had to go early. Thank God the PERODUA interview did not took a day, it ended around 11.30am something.

Right after the interview, we sent our thesis for binding at a shop in UPM, and waited 3 days to get it back. On the same day, which was Tuesday, me, Mira and Lubby went to settle the payments and we straightaway journey to UTP again. Fuh...

The next day we all did our clearance and submitted our thesis. Heck, it was so tiring man!, having to move from one department to another just to get the authorization that we are clear from any debts or anything like that. Took us another whole day, and that night we straightaway came back to KL. Malas nak duk sana lama2, there was nobody around and you could die of the emptiness.

Only today, i can breathe well again. Everything is settled now..Now I think i can start a new life ; life after graduation...

p/s : The World Cup is moving into quarter finals now! Can't miss it!! Go Portugal, please do not give chance to England. Ugh..enough with the freekicks!! T_T


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