Wow...havent been updating for nearly a month..ehehe.

Effa dah sound aku~ :P

Have been busy for a while, but to be frank i wasnt that busy..just did not find the time to write here.

It's 2nd May already..Got approximately another month to finish my studies here in UTP. Sigh..time fly so fast..especially when you are not anticipating..Funny how it goes the other way round when you are. As i said, there are many things happening this semester, that's why i don't feel the time pass me by.

My batch dinner is coming up this weekend. You should see the preparations, especially by the ladies. Macam nak pegi Oscar's. Seriously. You know how fashionable ladies can get when it comes to events that happens once in a lifetime. The dinner will be held at Casuarina Hotel, Ipoh. Me and my housemates have booked a room in Seri Malaysia, just to get more convinience. We are all ready with our 'gears', tinggal nak pakai je =P

I have another 2 performances with my band, The Diminished. One on this Fiday nite and another for our Batch Dinner. Rasa cam sedih pulak.. Have so little time to enjoy and appreciate music with them. There are a few new songs that we will be playing, a a, can't tell now =) so wait up..

Really dont have much to tell now. Will be back later..


letti said…
hey you!! Glad to see you're back up and rolling. woohoo!


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