A newfound band.


Well, not really a full strength band.. but still :)

Just recently found myself a new band - to be precise, an acoustic all-girls band. We all are from the same batch, the same course even, and yep, we are classmates.

Only now classmates slash bandmates.. . We are 4 angels - 2 guitarists, a percussionist (tamborines) and one vocalist. I do vocals too but just a lil bit here and there.

Our inaugural performance would be tomorrow at Jan 2002 Grand Batch Dinner @ Casuarina Hotel, Ipoh. As beginners, we play just simple songs, including our own rendition of Leaving on A Jet Plane. Other 2 songs would be Aku dan Bintang by Peterpan and Possibility by an all-girls independent Msian Band, Intoxicated.

Kinda nervous actually, since it is my first performance with a guitar. Huhu, wish us luck! :)

Will tell you more when i update about our Dinner~ keep on visiting ya~


Emri said…
guguguuu..gagagagaa xP~~
erinchunk said…
you rock la babe!!

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