A Hard Day's Night.

A beautiful Friday morning. Finally i am back in my room in UTP. Yesterday has been a full and energetic day. Left UTP for Syuen Hotel in Ipoh early in the morning and got back as late as 2.30 am. Left my roomate when she was still sleeping and got back when she was sleeping for the night already.

Went to Syuen so early to prepare and rehearse for our (UTP Orchestra) performance for Malam Anugerah Kolej Kediaman Dinner. The rehearsal wasn't the whole day though, we all did manage to have a round (even 2 rounds) at the nearby Ipoh Parade Shopping Complex. Lucky for me, i was offered by a my section mate a.k.a Dila to bunk in a room that was paid by her Uncle.

The theme for the Dinner was Urban Retro, and they even made it Red Carpet.The hall was huge, but the stage was too small for the size they had to make a projection for the people dining at the end of the hall. We were put in the middle where we had to play to accompany them while they were dining. Everybody was at their best, trying to be as Urban Retro as possible. Well i can say that they managed; colours, polka dots, checkers are everywhere. Not to forget the scarf a-la Bienda worn by most of those who wears tudung and those big sunglasses.

The highlight of the night is actually what attracts people to come. OAG was actually performing for the night! It was a blast! At first i thought that they will be performing in a formalized manner, yeah, with the Rector around u cannot expect much. Turns out that they have released the VIP's ( ..or shall i say, the old-skools) first before they introduce the band. Once Radhi made his appearance, everybody was wild, running for the front row near the stage. Including me ;P.

OAG was friendly, energetic and happening. I wasn't really a die hard fan but then they are really enjoyable. The way they manage to control the stage and entertain their fans made them more lovable. I enjoy live bands anyway,and OAG really rock my socks!

Kudos to the organizing comittee, and especially to ourselves, UTP Orchestra for an excellent performance.

Here are some scenes that i manage to capture that night, have fun :)

oh btw, my camera didnt manage to get good pics of OAG, i will post some other pics from a friend's camera later..Keep on visiting :)

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Saxophone Section.
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The conductor, the drummer, the guitarists and the bassist.
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Me and Amin killing time.
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In action.
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OAG again.


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