Depth Perception.

Today is a special day...

It's Emri's Birthday!!~ Happy 25th dear...(erkk...tua gell..) ngaha. Takpe2, he is not reading this for the time being.Hihi. Anyway, gave him a birthday call and message last nite, rite on the dot. 12am. Should be the earliest to wish him. Ughh..wish we could celebrate and have some good food somewhere, but then, with the distance and this hectic life, it means that there is no such thing. The call and message was the best i could do.Anyway, I am keeping a rain check. Hope he had some fun today, eventhough usually he himself don't bother. Lucky he's got me to be excited on his birthday :P's Monday. Should be finalizing my Final Year Project for tomorrows Pre-EDX presentation. Walked under the sun with 2 heavy textbooks to Building 1 only to find out that Dr.Abas is not around. I was planning to give him a sneak preview of what i am going to present tomorrow. At least he could expect something. But whatever la..I am actually at the point of acting in an Apa-apa-lah way. The only thing in my mind is to get through with the presentation and think about the next task.

I feel like i want to share my Final Year Project with u people. No lah, not the whole thing..Just feel like the screenschot can help u in killing ur time. It's nothing actually, just a few objects hangin around the screen. But..i think you will find it interesting cause it has some 3D yada-yada..

In short my FYP is about doing a research on 3D projection. At first I was planning to use StereoGraphics CrystalEyes hardware, but then, the programming occupies too much of my un-skilled time..if you know what i mean. So, Dr. Abas ask me to use Anaglyphs instead, which is the red-green glasses..Ala, yg murah tu je..So if you want to see the 3Dness in these images, get a pair of those.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Can u see it? The power of depth perception~~3D........View it a little too much and you will start feeling funny and trust me, u have to take a nap to let it go.


Emri said…
im gonna be a happy old man:P
close ur eyes everybody..
*grab yuni* muahs,muahs,muahs!!

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