A fresh start.

Hello world.

This is the my 3rd attempt at blogging.Hopefully it lives longer than the previous two.

Have been giving a thought of starting blogging again, since i am halfway through my final semester, and i am in need of a proper means to channel my thoughts. Well, bear in mind that eventhough my blog name and description sounds specific, it doesnt mean that i am gonna talk about the same thing all the time. There are really things in between...

Oh well, to be honest, i have just got up from bed and i am now having a typical breakfast-- milo panas and hup seng biscuits. Have been trying to get this blog up since last night, but the connection was not so nice.

There are many things running in my mind right now. Being a final semester student here in UTP means your life could turn upside down. Either it gets better or it gets worse. For me, my life turns out to be stuck somewhere in the middle. Have you ever had that feeling when you have always wanted some things, and you always wish for it and then after a long time of waiting, you give up, and then BOOM!, it all just arrive at the same time? That's exactly what happened to me. Turns out that so far, this semester has been the best of all semesters. I don't know how to express it exactly, but i feel like i have been enjoying myself all along. Ehem, i do have a Final Year Project ok? and not to mention other assignments and projects and homeworks. But hey, i can still smile. Eheheh.

Talking about FYP's..i actually have scheduled a meeting with my supervisor today. Got to get prepared. Will blog more later. This is only a mukadimah after all.


Emri said…
nape tak continue je yg lama. tukar skin baru..anyway, live long ur blog dear:)

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