A warm welcome to myself.

I don't know what to say specifically, now that I am posting here again.

You'd probably notice the different look of this blog though - I decided to change it as a mark of a new beginning. As I get older there's one thing that I have started to appreciate, that's finding joy in simplicity.

The previous layout was full of technicalities that is quite cumbersome to edit and what nots..so I decided to just use whatever layout Blogger is providing and I figured that with the right photo this blog will still look pretty.

I hope you like it just like I do :)

I have thought of moving platform to Wordpress, or maybe start a new site on all those fancy website creators out there. But you know what, I'll just stay. Again, why reinvent the wheel right? It's not like I have plenty of time to waste.

I still enjoy reading my old posts here, I find it nostalgic and wow, I have grown so much from the day I first became a mom.

How have you been? I hope that wherever you are, things are starting to get better, what's with the pandemic and all. Can't believe that it has been almost 2 years since the pandemic hit us. So many lessons to learn out of it, but amid the uncertainties, so many things to be grateful of too.

For me I am grateful that I get to spend more time with the children at home. Although I think at this point of time they really badly need to go school again.

I have been dabbling in a new hobby though - aesthetic videography. Not really sure if this is something that I'll be doing for a long time, but to be good at something, we just gotta start somewhere right?

So here's a little video that I have made today, something I had for teatime.

Let me know what you think? :)


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