Maternity and nursing bralettes by Summer & Peach

During my previous pregnancies, I loathed the fact that I had to settle for only one type of bra that was comfortable enough for my growing and changing body. For the whole 9 months, I only had to live in a limited number of bras and boy did I wear them until they are worn off.

Even after I gave birth, searching for the right fit for my nursing bra was also a nightmare, and again, I had to settle for a few pieces that were the least of all evils (read: still with poking underwires that make you go ahh when you finally get to take it off your body).

I just came to know the term bralette (well apparently it is the IN thing in lingerie right now) and how lovely it is to find out that the awesome store Summer & Peach has an exclusive maternity and nursing range bralette collection!

Preggy and nursing moms these days really have things WAYYYY easier and yes, we better be grateful for that.

Ohlalari Maternity/Nursing Bralette by Summer & Peach

So I have actually given it a try, and it is indeed quite comfortable to be worn. The lace is actually very soft and not ticklish, and with removable pads, it can easily be turned into a lounge-wear bra that you can wear at home.

The racerback straps are also great, as it is optional and provides extra support if you need it.

Yep - behold the nursing fastener there. YEAY FOR NURSING MOTHERS!

So besides these lovely bralette collections, Summer & Peach also has this cool PMS Starter Kit that I think makes an awesome gift for the young ladies in our lives (I think my sister will love this..hmm).

What you can find in this brilliant kit are 3 pieces of leakproof panties, a box of Be Boldz Premium Sanitary Pad, a box of Be Bolds Premium Panty Liners and a cute little Happy Tummy Warm Pouch to help ease period pain. Clever.

I have personally tried the panties and the liners too. My verdict is that the panty really adds a tad more confidence when you wear it during menstruation as you know you have extra protection from leakage.

As for the liners, I really vouch for it because compared to other many brands that I have tried, this one is SO SOFT and seriously made me forgot that I am wearing it. Not to mention that it is so DRY too, which to me is a very important criterion for any daily liner. Five stars!

Last but not least, I also had the chance to try their High Waist Shaper Panties, which we all know is perfect to be worn with Baju Raya soon. Heheh. Although I do feel like it could be more conforming to the body (well, anymore tighter it will turn into a corset already), I think it is practical and comfortable enough to be worn as a daily wear.

Thank you so much for introducing your amazing stuff, Summer & Peach.

I hope I have helped make preggy and nursing mother's life a little easier with this to add to their collection :)

Do check out Summer & Peach at their webstore and have fun gawking at those pretty bralettes!


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