All you need to know about Tetra Pak!

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Have you ever felt like you are not doing enough when it comes to giving the best-est, safest, nicest things to your children?

Yea? Don't worry, you are not alone.

I always feel it too.

When it comes to bringing up the children, I guess it is every parent's dream to be able to give their children the best and safest things. 

However, we've got to face it - we are not living in an ideal world. What is important is WE CONSTANTLY TRY OUR BEST.

I think that is why consumers (especially parents) nowadays are savvier when it comes to purchasing products for their children and family. 

Thanks to the internet, it is now more possible for us to make more informed decision when buying things for our consumption. And the best thing is all these good things are more available in the market as the demand grows, and it is easily being found compared to the older days. 

Personally, I always go for natural ingredients/raw materials, cruelty-free, sustainable and environmentally friendly - that means they are safe to use, and safe to be disposed too. 

Guess I am not alone here eh? 80%? Now that is a good sign. What's more with the recent government initiative that requires us to sort our domestic waste and teaching us to be more environmentally responsible.

Notice that green tree logo with "FSC" on the carton in the poster above? Yeah, I have seen it before, but honestly I am not very sure what it is all about. 

Well, what I know is that when it is green, it must be environmentally friendly but then, hey, let's not let ourselves drown in ignorance, shall we?

Which is why I am inviting you my lovely readers to join me enlighten ourselves about Tetra Pak and FSC by joining them in their event this weekend!

Date: Thursday to Sunday, 10-13 November 2016

Time: 10:00am – 10:00pm

Venue: Sunway Pyramid, Orange Concourse

I think this is an excellent and fun opportunity to educate ourselves about Tetra Pak and FSC, and how they responsibly manage the packaging of our favourite beverages right from the forest to the shelf, and back to the forest again.

I mean, I am sure we all have seen the Tetra Pak logo and FSC so now is the time to get to know more right?

Ahh, so this is what they are for..nicee..

So are you coming?

I think I would probably go too.

Oh, and did you know that you'll get a chance to win an IKEA voucher worth RM2000 at the event, and RM100 H&M shopping vouchers by participating in their weekly Facebook contest too?

Ha! A chance to be more environmentally savvy and responsible, and some shopping vouchers? I'd say yes to that! :)

So, I'll see you there OK?


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