Another place to find natural products for your baby!

Just like any other new parent, I was a naive one at the beginning.

When I had Bella, I was clueless.

I guess that is a norm for first-time moms, so mostly my preparation was based on something that I already know or from what my parents have done for me.

When it comes to toiletries and baby care, there was always this one brand that I trusted (probably many in Malaysia trust this brand too). 

As I became more seasoned as a parent, I started to become more savvy about baby products and getting to know what are the real baby-friendly products.

I was surprised to learn that my used-to-be trusted brand was actually was not so child friendly at all!

I mean, the harsh chemicals, mineral oils and tear-free formulation? Did you know that they are not very ideal for children?

Baffles me how we all easily fall for their spectacular marketing.

So I started looking for products that are as natural as possible, preferably made from natural ingredients and a bonus if they are organic (and wallet-friendly...huhu).

Thankfully, there are more and more places that we can easily friend the real child-friendly products in the market out there. What is more awesome is that many also sells it online with interesting deals.

There are a few favourite places that I usually go to find things for my children, but it does not mean that I am not open to exploring new ones.

So when I discovered Ethissa, I was pleased to learn that they are actually run by passionate parents also seeking the best for their children. I personally feel closer to the shops like these, because usually these entrepreneurs really know what they are selling and they can easily relate to their customers.

Eric and Grace, the couple and founders of Ethissa have been kind enough to send me these lovely organic baby care products from Little Innoscents for me to try out with the kids.

Of course, I was more than happy to oblige!


1) Mineral powder - made from kaolin (white clay) with lavender and spearmint essential oils
2) Intensive soothing cream - with soothing calendula (I love calendula because it is soo soothing)
3) Hair and body wash - low suds and gentle, with Aloe Vera essence and sweet orange scent
4) Moisture rich baby lotion - this one is a little sticky to my liking, but it smells divine with Aloe Vera juice and Ylang Ylang essential oil
5) Goat's milk bar - with manuka honey and Ylang Ylang

In a nutshell, I really loved the subtle scents of the products. Well actually I am glad they have scents because I have a thing with lovely smelling products LOL. I personally love the texture of the mineral powder because it is smoother than other natural powders I have used before. The goats milk soap is lovely too. It lathers very well and has this dreamy scent close to a baby. Hehe.

Besides Little Innoscents, Ethissa also carries other natural and organic baby and child care products too, such as Butt Naked Baby, Buds Organics and Four Cow Farm. All of them are natural and organic options, perfectly safe for our little bubs.

They also carry other brands like Ergobaby, SkipHop and the stylish Storksak diaper bags (loveeeee) for the fashionable mommies out there. Hehe.

There is also this helpful Baby Tips section that Eric and Grace posts and wrote themselves, as part of sharing and added value for Ethissa customers.

Ethissa regularly have weekly deals and free shipping deals as well. That's awesome.


And let me know if you love Little Innoscents like I do :)


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