Being a stay-at-home mom does take your social life away.

My main real life social network on most days. Heart.
If any of you are considering to leave a comfortable 9-5 job to become a work at home or stay at home mom, I would like to let you know that you also MUST BE READY to leave a substantial part of your social life.

If there is one thing I miss about my full time job, it would definitely be the people around me. Of course I am not talking about the toxic ones (every office will have this kind of breed, trust me) but I very much miss my peers and the ones close to me.

Much of it because we kind of became ears for each other, you know, the kind of people that makes your working life a bit more pleasant because of their honest and good company.

The people in the office who have became your friends, in fact. The ones who are usually willing to spend a bit of their precious time to hear about your day, to relate or hear about something that excites you or bothers you, or just a plain ol' rant to get some negative energy out of your system.

Those kind of people.

And, being a woman, we all cherish a person who can empathise with us. Not necessarily give a solution to our problem, but just be there to hear us out and let us unload our feelings.

I guess many can relate to this.

Staying at home and no more going to an office to meet these friends, well, it does rip your social life apart.

You will literally have only the kids to meet every day. A very minimal adult interaction on most days, what's more a person who can share your feelings then and there. No another person to provide you a shoulder or an ear to cry on the spot, if necessary.

So, many of us turn to social media to rant, or just express somewhat seems like a trivial thing (but actually does not sound so trivial when you tell it to a real person instead of posting it on to your Facebook wall).

Because of that, many have misjudged us and think that we stay at home moms have nothing more to do (when in fact there are loads of things to do.....@#$$%!! OK don't get me started on this one).

The point is, the next time you see a stay at home mom rant, or post something a tad more frequently on her Facebook wall, don't be too quick to judge that they do not have anything better to do, or they are just longing for attention.

Possibly, she is doing it because that could be the very last thing that helps her keep her sanity. Or maybe, she actually need a shoulder or an ear to cry or rant on at that point of time. We all know how much it hurts to keep feelings pent up inside. 

Just like any other human being, we also need social interactions with our peers.

Just like how people meet at work and have life conversations over breakfast, or randomly messaging each other through their office messaging network or email to destress after finishing a load of office work. Or like visiting a peer in the next cubicle for a quick chat to destress and enjoy some coffee.

I may have been more active on my social media these days, and sometimes I do laugh at my own silly statuses. But I am glad that it is helping me to survive my somewhat reduced social life.

I am glad that I have social media to connect to the people who care about me, vice versa. And I hope that they don't mind too.


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