Outgrowing her fussy eating? I sure hope so.

I will never stop complaining about this little girl's eating habits. Like seriously. It is not like I am whining about it to people, but she sure gets it from me.

Like "Bellaaaa...makan la ni...Mommy penat masak tau, pasal apa la susah sangat nak makan." Things like that.

Well in truth I have actually kind of come to terms with it, but sometimes I dunno, I just wish she eats better. You know, one of the days. I am just a normal (human) mom after all. 

But then I notice that she has improved a lot actually, and now I think I should really just let her go with the flow.

These days I notice that she is willing to give new food a try. Sometimes she curiously came to me when she saw me eating something, and asked me what is it. Sometimes she gets attracted with the fragrance of the food and start asking me what I am cooking, for example.

Whether she eats or not, that is a different story.

On my lucky days she may agree to have a sip, or a bite and if she likes it she'll have a few of it. 

But not before she approached the food, with a cautious nose (the one with the kembang kuncup motion..ugh), and taking all the time in the world to finally have a taste of whatever food it was. And when she tries it, she only like bit a littleeee part of it, like come on now, that would not give you the real taste -__-

Anyway, yeah, that's her.

Well at least, she is willing to give it a try.

Again on my lucky days, she will actually love it and ask for more. My heart literally jump with joy and you can easily see a huge grin on my face. Like yeay, one food to add in your list, Bella. And one more kind of food I can cook next time (saves me from the headache of what to cook every time! I guess many moms can relate to this headache right??).

I think she will outgrow her fussy eating one day. Maybe she just needs more time, that's all.

Come on Bella, you can do it! Eat more stuff please. More real food. You'll thank me for paksa you eat all these veges one day. Just you wait.


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