How to earn some cashback when you shop at ShopBack

Wouldn’t it be fun if we can earn some cash by just shopping online? 

I mean, since we all do a lot of shopping online, earning something in return while we get to enjoy the purchase that we made would be lovely wouldn’t it? 

Especially when we shop at our favourite brands or blog shops.

To be honest, I have some reservations when shopping for my own clothes online (I always seem to have some problems with the sizing huhuh) but when it comes to the kids clothing or kids stuff, I usually always buy it online.

I personally think that buying kids cloth is easier online, as most clothing sizes are generic and easily fits them. Also for kids stuff there are a lot of selections online too.

I remember being in confinement twice and the most enjoyable part was browsing for baby and child stuff online, making a purchase and waiting for it to arrive. LOL. I guess that was probably what helped me kept my sanity haha.

I wish I have known about ShopBack back then, that would definitely make my online shopping more enjoyable (and less guilty too..haha).

Anyway what in the world am I talking about again?

Well, I am actually talking about earning back cash, yes, you read that right – get friggin’ cold hard cash when you shop from your favourite shop online.

So basically this is called a cashback concept, something that has been in the global online shopping scene for quite a while and has finally reached our shores. 

In a nutshell, you can actually earn cashback and enjoy the best online promotions with ShopBack by shopping at your favourite brand online store via ShopBack itself.

Don’t geddit? Nah, watch this video and learn more:

Interesting huh?

So, for example, if you love to shop at Lazada (I know that is many people’s to-go place to checkout some gadget or electrical appliances deals), you can visit the site via your ShopBack account in order to make a purchase and earn the entitled cashback.  Check out the latest Lazada voucher at ShopBack here.

Cool eh? I mean, shop and earn some money in return? Yes, please!

It is actually not very hard to use the site too, as they also categorize the shopping sites for easy access and less time to find what you are looking for.

For example again, if you want to enjoy the best baby and parenting product deals, you can click at the Categories link and find the Baby and Kids category to be directed to the shopping site lists and the cashback amount that you can earn.

Something like this:

Now you geddit? Heheh.

It’s worth a try really, especially if you are going to make a purchase anyway.  

There are no fees whatsoever required to be registered at ShopBack site and create your own account. Just sign up with ShopBack and you are all ready to earn.

Giddy to get started? 

You can get registered here and instantly earn RM5 when you make your first purchase, in addition to whatever cashback amount that is being offered in the deal.

Sounds fun right?

I hope this helps you to benefit more from your online shopping (besides the pleasure of SHOPPING itself). Hehehe.

Have fun guys!


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