So a way into a man's heart is through his stomach eh?

There are a few things that makes me jealous with my husband.

Apart from his ability to fall asleep within seconds, and continue to sleep so soundly like a polar bear, regardless of where he fell asleep (yes, even on a cold hard floor or while sitting on a couch), I am also jealous of his ability to survive with basic food.

The thing is, I am the foodie in the house.

I do go an extra mile when it comes to satisfy my cravings, and when I cook I make sure that it taste good and enjoyable.

My husband, on the other hand, could survive with whatever that he can find in the kitchen.

Like he really can just survive with a some bread and "serunding" for his dinner, that kind of thing.

Or with some leftovers that the kids did not finish (even when it is just a mouthful). And topping it up with some yogurt drink or something.

"I can actually survive with lesser and simpler food you know," he suddenly said to me after we were done with break-fast a few days ago.

Mind you, it was just a simple rice with one or two dish meal that I usually prepare.

These kinds of remarks annoys me because a) as a wife, I enjoy cooking good food for my husband and my family , and b) the truth is I need good food and enjoy it (lol).

Before I said anything he continued.

"....but the problem is I can eat a lot too, especially when they are this good. Everytime you cook, it tastes so good I just have to eat a lot"

Ehhh? It sounded so confusing but I decided to take it as a compliment.

We both broke into a laughter, acknowledging that "huge" dilemma.

Well, thank you for "eating a lot" when I cook dear. You could probably be a great diet partner, but in the meantime forgive me for making you eat so much I guess. Meheh.


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