On being overwhelmed with too many things

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Have you ever been in a place where you have so many things that you want to do, you end up not knowing which one to do first?

Well, that is what happened to me.

See, the thing about leaving something that used to tie you down makes you feel like you want to EVERYTHING that you have wanted to do for so long. So you start venturing into all of them all at once, and then you suddenly realized that it has become the new thing that is tying you down.

These days I do have more time on my disposal, but then I may have made a mistake of grabbing everything and putting them in my plate, with hopes that the time I have will allow me to accomplish everything at once.

I was wrong.

And this blog has suffered the consequences.

From my Instagram feed you may have noticed that there are a lot of things happening in my life recently, but the truth is there are even more things happening that I didn't share.

So now I have decided to reevaluate my priorities.

Of all things, I have decided to fully focus on my family, my freelance writing career, this blog and then the rest.

I also have not really wrote about my venture into a little craft business, Hello Kejora. That is because I was not very sure since the beginning. It is not like I hate it or something, I do love it because I get to share the things that I make with everyone else. But having a business IS REALLY CHALLENGING.

The commitment. The marketing. The getting customers part. IT IS FREAKING TOUGH.

Now I know why people say doing a business is not an easy feat. Those successful business people literally have their ups and downs which I really don't know if I can survive it.

Anyway, I hope that there are still readers in this blog. I do have big ambitions when it comes to my blogging career, but that would require another post to tell it all.

Here is taking everything ONE STEP AT A TIME.

Breath in and breath out.


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