Recipe : Steak sandwich with tomato and mushroom relish

Hello everyone!

So how's 2016 treating you so far? I hope it has been great!

Anyway, I have decided to start off my blog in 2016 with a recipe, so here is a simple steak sandwich recipe that you can make, especially when you have had too much nasi (rice) in many days. Thehehe..

Tukar-tukar selera sikit best jugak kan?

Steak sandwich with tomato and mushroom relish 


For the steak:
1 steak cut Australian or any tender beef (make sure you buy a steak cut)
Light soy sauce
Oyster sauce
Mixed herbs (dry)
Black pepper (grind)
Butter (just a little, around 1 tsp if your steak is palm-sized)
Olive oil

For the tomato and mushroom relish:
Red onions (chopped)
Garlic (chopped)
Tomatoes (chopped)
Button mushrooms (chopped)
Butter (just a little, around 1tsp)
Salt and pepper to taste

Ciabatta/sandwich bread (toasted with some butter)

Garnish/Other condiments:
Chilli sauce
Tomato sauce


For the steak:
1) Heat olive oil until ready
2) Sear both sides of the steak according to your preferred wellness (e.g rare/medium rare/well done). I am also not a pro cook so I just use my eyes to estimate the wellness.
*you can also put the steak into the oven after you are done with the searing, if you prefer the meat to be thoroughly cooked
3) When cooked, put aside and let it rest

For the relish:
1) Heat olive oil
2) Saute red onions and garlic until fragrant
3) Add the mushrooms and let it cook for a while
4) Add in some butter and stir fry some more
5) Next, add in the tomatoes and let it cook until soft
6) Season with salt and pepper
7) When done, put on a plate and get ready to assemble your sandwich :)

Assembling the sandwich:
1) Cut the steak according to your preference (thin or thick)
2) Assemble the sandwich by spreading all your condiments on your bread and then stack the steak, then relish, followed by the veges. Serve with some fries or in my case, nachos as a side.

Happy trying and enjoy!

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