Some sewing projects that I have done so far

I have been quite off the radar lately.

Most of it is because I was down with a very bad fever last few weeks. Deng, it was horrible. Like I have never really had a fever that bad. Not ever since I was a kid, I guess.

It it true that we always should remember our healthy days before the sick one comes, because when it does, you really become helpless and you'd give anything to get your health back. Like seriously, this advice rang through my head all the time when I was lying exhaustedly in bed, in a form of the Raihan nasyeed, if you are familiar with that one, LOL.

Alhamdulillah, I am now back on my feet.

And with that, I have a huge pile of laundry to settle (they never go away don't they?), this blog to update, the kids to entertain (it's the school holidays!), some writing jobs to find (need to keep the moolah coming) and all my normal routine to get back to. Such is life eh?

I really miss sewing too, so to get my mojo back, I'd thought that I share some favourite projects that I have done so far.

Most of them are clothing for the kids, and some presents too. There are many more that I have made but for now, I'll just share these first :) Hope this inspires you to sew too!

The first skirt for Bella, with a bias tape trimming. I kind of love bias tapes because it adds a very pretty flair to a garment.

Like every other girl, Bella also loves Frozen. But I find the ready made ones are not so classy to my eyes, and the cuttings and prints are usually horrible. Huhu. So I sew her this skirt from a quilting fabric that I found at Spotlight. Just added some trims and it looked nice to my eyes. Bella loves it of course!
I love working with knit fabrics, so I just had to make this cute harem rompers for Khaleeli. I put on a dinosaur applique that I got from Daiso. Perfect for everyday wear as it is a loose fit. I already made two of this, and this one is my favourite. I am trying to get hubby to buy me a serger now haha. 
This one is a nightdress that I made for Bella, also from a quilting fabric that I found in Spotlight. Oh yes, she lovessss TMNT. I added some ribbon detail on the neckline and it instantly became girly enough for her. Hehe.
This one is my first re-fashioned piece that I made from my old T-Shirt, and from the same fabric that I used for the harem rompers above. Major love!
This is a very messy circle skirt that I made for Bella. Not my favourite piece of handiwork, but I love the fabric. As for the elastic, it was hard to find coloured ones, so what I did is I dyed them. It turned out a bit blotchy, but I just used it anyway. Gosh, circle skirts are so hard to hem! T_T

This is a little peasant dress that I whipped up as a gift for a close friend's baby. I love the prints very much and the strawberry applique adds on a nice pop of colour.

This one is a little baby dress I made for a baby just born a few days ago :) Can't wait to see her wear it. That was my first time sewing buttonholes. It was relatively easy, but the hard part was sewing the button using a machine. I broke my first button haha. Scary!

There you go. I love sewing kids clothes, coz it is fast and cute haha.

Next I am going to venture into bag making. Let's see if that turns out well!


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