Mommy and Khaleeli's sleeping journey - Part 3 (and a special discount for a sleep course too!)

Wow, I can't believe that it has been what, 5 months since we started this sleep journey?

Gahh! Where did all that time go?

Anyway, yes, yes, part 3 is here, and I am glad that I am wrapping up this journey with a HUGE success! *dance, dance*


Many months ago, I have decided to sleep train Khaleeli as his sleep pattern was not improving ever since he was a baby. We were both exhausted, had so much interrupted sleep and were not getting enough quality sleep.

In Part 1, I met Sarah Ong from Sleep Champ Baby, and with her guidance, I started to sleep train Khaleeli by applying a natural and more laid-back method that works in time. Compared to the rigid, step-by-step sleep training method, I personally love this method because it just makes sense and most importantly, it did not require me enduring hours of Khaleeli wailing and crying it all out alone.

Instead, it revolves a lot in the concept of give and take, where I do the giving by listening to his needs and his feelings, and he takes in the love and care, knowing that he has all the emotional support that he needs to help him unwind and fall asleep after a long day. Whenever we both had too much of crying, it was perfectly OK for me to just do whatever it takes to calm him down and just try again another day.

In Part 2, I had some difficulties where he would wake up and insist to nurse me if he sees me around. I decided to let him sleep with his father, while I sleep in a different room with the big sister, so that his crying won't disturb kakak and so that he can learn to fall asleep on his own whenever he woke up in the middle of the night.

That happened for quite some time.

One day, after a lot of improvements in his sleeping pattern at night (as reported by the daddy), I decided to move back into our room and try to sleep as a family again.

The only problem is that he just wants to hog our bed. A total no-no for sleeping in his crib, he would even climb out of his crib to get to our bed.

So the solution is I had to sacrifice by sleeping on a mattress in the same room, while he continues to conquer our bed T_T. Now I regret buying a queen sized bed. (If you are having a baby and you are co-sleeping, please remember to buy a king size bed, heheh).

Other than that, I am very happy to report that he very rarely wakes up in the middle of the night now, and even if he does, he just falls back to sleep right away. He also has become our "alarm clock" as he usually will wake up around 6.30am to nurse. Probably too hungry already, because he sleeps quite early at night. I don't mind that at all, it helps us not to miss Subuh prayers too. Haha.


Welcome back, good night's sleep. And welcome back, sleeping in my own room again! LOL.

Although it took quite some time for him to finally get his sleeping sorted out, I am glad that we took the first step.

So in a nutshell, here are my top tips in order to make sleep training work for you and baby:

Andddd...if you are thinking of getting help from Sarah too, I am very happy to announce that Sarah is giving you, my lovely Mommy Confessionals blog reader the privilege to enjoy an RM50 discount on her upcoming sleep e-course:


I really think that this is a great opportunity, especially if you are tied with time, and prefer a self-paced learning module. There are a lot of other things that you will learn about you and your baby too, besides sleeping topics. You can trust me on this :)

This offer will end at 5pm on 29 October 2015, so don't take too much time to wait OK?

So, I hope that my story here inspires some of you who are also in the same boat that I used to be.

You know, sleeping is important for every family. It has its own vital function in order for us to live a happier, healthier life as a family. If you have sleep problems with your baby or children, I strongly suggest that you take the first step too. You will thank me later for this.

After all, a happy, well-rested mommy makes a happy family! :)


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