Of meeting people and finding inspirations

Of late I have realised the importance of building my network - especially when it comes to blogging and writing.

Many of my peers regard me as a loud person and quite sociable, but many also does not know that I actually have some reservations when it comes to people.

I am actually more of the girl who sits quietly in a party, until one person comes up and says hi and makes me comfortable - that is when I am willing to let go and show my true personality.

Anyway to build a network, I cannot be that quiet girl. I mean I have to go out there and get to know people, and give chance to people to know me and what I am capable of.

I have been joining/following a few communities online and sometimes when time permits I try to join any gathering that they organize.

Recently I have discovered about this brilliant platform - Moms4project.com. Essentially it is a platform to find more flexible jobs which are perfect for mothers who stays at home or those who wants more flexibility.

During the event there were few businesses owner who shared about their business, as well as some who shared about some opportunities for us to join them and earn some money. There was also a business advice consultant who introduced himself and offered help to any of us who was interested in setting up a business.

My take-away during that event was that I met inspiring people and made new friends. Among them was the founder of Moms4Project, Angeline Chin, who was one very dedicated lady. Truly admire her efforts at setting up this platform and I hope it will grow much bigger soon. You go girl! :)

And then there was also Sarah Ong, one who I would aptly say the "right person to meet", because she is a baby sleep coach from Sleep Champ Baby (if only I can post a photo of myself with this eyebags and dark circles, I know you would understand what I mean!) LOL. I soooo need help with Khaleeli's sleep (will blog about it soon too!)

Another interesting thing hat I discovered was GoGet.my, a platform founded by a fellow Malaysian too, where it offers a community of people who runs errands for others. In a more simple word, you can find a job or errand to run here, do it and get paid for it! I mean this is perfect if you have time, transportation and want to make some extra cash.

Glad that I made some time to join this event. Will definitely look out for more.

Sometimes all we need is a bit of inspiration to take that leap of faith, or maybe just to feel good about ourselves. And amazingly there are a lot of inspiring people if you know where to find them.


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