Bake-off Recipe: Kelloggs Cornflakes Chewy Macaroons Cookies

The thing about baking is that it is actually quite well, satisfying. Regardless if my product actually turned out just "mehh'.

OKlah, maybe I am biased because I find that preparing food and cooking is therapeutic, so yeah.

Anyway, I have taken the next step in my baking endeavour - baking cookies. Well to be honest it is not like I have never baked any cookies before, but really, the last time I remember doing it was like a gazzilion years ago (remember that time when people was circulating the so-called Famous Amos recipe? Yes, that was that) Heheh.

So behold, I finally baked some cookies again! Yeay! LOL

This time, instead of chocolate, my main ingredients was Kelloggs Cornflakes (I swear those flakes tastes so guhhdd even Bella was munching on it while we were baking)

Hubby was telling me that his mom used to bake this crispy cornflakes cookies, mixed with shredded coconuts , which was a huge hit among her children of course. Well, being a typical wife I thought that I should give it a try and help him reminisce his childhood or something, yada yada (wrong move, guys.)

I managed to find the recipe that sounds pretty much like how he described it, so I dragged Bella to the kitchen and made her help me whip up the cookies. I made some improvisation to make it a bit healthier though, so here is my version of the recipe :


Yield : Around 30-40 cookies depending on size of each


2 egg whites
1 cup organic brown sugar
1/2 teaspoon natural salt
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 cup shredded coconut
2 cups Kelloggs Cornflakes 


1) Preheat oven to 150 degree celcius 
2) Whisk egg whites until stiff peak is formed
3) Add sugar gradually, beating until it is thoroughly mixed
4) Add in vanilla extract and salt and mix it together
5) Gently fold coconuts and cornflakes
6) On a greased cookie pan, arrange each cookie by the teaspoon
7) Bake until lightly crisp, around 20-30 minutes
8) Once done, let it cool for around 15-20 minutes on a wire rack

Turned out it was not really up to my hubby's standard (come on now, who lah can compete with mom's cooking? Hehe), but to be honest, it tasted quite good to me!  I would describe it as a crispy-chewy cookie, y'know, the pleasure that you have when you munch those crispy Kelloggs Cornflakes, together with the texture of a "meringue-ish."

Remember guys, this is my first time T_T

Oh well, I enjoyed the process anyway.

So how about you guys? Are you baking cookies this raya?

I know that cornflakes cookies are one of the most popular thang during Ramadhan and Raya, so if you are planning on using them maybe you will want to check out Kellogs Raya Truck Roadshow near your neighbourhood :)

Here is the schedule if you are planning to find them:


"Mak, boleh buat cookies yang Emri cakap tu tak? Nak rasa gak. Hehehehe..."


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