Recipe : Baked eggs with spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes

I am now back to treasuring my weekends, despite the fact that I have more things to do, like preparing Khaleeli's food for the next week and extra more clothes for the laundry.

Hubby has also started to work closer to home now, so we pretty much are a complete family most of the time :) I thank God for this change.

Amid the business I do try to remind myself that I should be focusing more on the kids, y'know, sit down and spend time cuddling, kissing, making silly jokes and having fun with them. I admit that I forgot about it sometimes (I can be too bothered with housework...ughh) but I am really working hard on it.

Weekends also mean that I get to make decent breakfast, compared to the usual eggs and salad that I take to work every morning (it's getting old and boring actually..huhuh).

So here is an easy recipe of baked eggs, made with whatever ingredients that I found in my pantry yesterday morning:

Baked eggs with spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes


3 Eggs
A handful of mushrooms (I used those in-season Korean mushrooms)
7 pieces chopped baby tomatoes
A handful of baby spinach
A pinch of paprika
1 teaspoon butter (or margarine)
1 teaspoon chicken stock powder (for flavour)
Onions - chopped
Garlic - chopped
Salt and pepper
1 teaspoon olive oil
Parmesan cheese

*before you start, pre-heat the oven to 180-200 degree Celcius

1) Heat olive oil in a frying pan or iron skillet
2) Saute the onions until fragrant
3) Toss in the mushrooms
4) Add butter and fry with the mushrooms until they become soft
5) Add paprika, chicken stock and salt and pepper
6) Add in baby tomatoes
7) Add in baby spinach
8) Cook until all are evenly mixed together
9) Make a well in between the mixture, and crack all the eggs inside
10) Sprinkle parmesan cheese
11) If you are using an iron skillet, transfer everything into the oven and bake until the eggs are set (usually 5-10 minutes).
12) If you are using a baking dish, then do everything from step (9) onwards in the baking dish 

Serve warm with toast or baguette. And of course, a cup of your favourite coffee/tea :)


Hana Yunus said…
nak buat!!! tq

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