Recipe : Wholewheat Protein Pancakes

My battle with the last kilos of baby weight has officially begun.  I have started exercising again, this time focusing more on building muscle and increasing my strength. My body is still sore from yesterday's workout, but I know that the muscles are building up.

Anyway, I have to admit that I am not that disciplined when it comes to eating, part of it is because I love to eat and another part of it is that I am literally a milk factory (hungry all the time!). The good thing is breastfeeding actually helps me lose weight, and at the same time I have an excuse to eat as normal. Told you breastfeeding rocks. Hehe.

So, the best I can do is to incorporate a "cleaner" option for my everyday meal. Y'know, leaner meats, more complex carbs and healthy fats, and of course more greens and fresh fruits.

I was craving for some pancakes these few days, so this is the best I could do to make it "healthier". Well, if you look at the ingredients, there are still more that can be tweaked but whatever. Haha. As long as I do not feel so guilty... :)

Wholewheat Protein Pancakes

Yield: 5-6 pieces of large pancakes

This is a good alternative to consuming whey protein. Having them as a smoothie or shake can get boring sometimes.

Dry ingredients:

1 cup wholewheat organic flour
1/2 cup whey protein (I used vanilla flavoured from GNC)
1 tsp baking soda
1 tbsp brown sugar (according to preference)

Wet ingredients:

2 eggs
1 cup milk
1 tbsp olive oil


1) In a bowl, mix together all dry ingredients
2) In another bowl, whisk gently all wet ingredients
3) Mix and fold wet ingredients to dry ingredients
4) Heat up your pan and fry until set and golden

Serve with honey/maple syrup and fruits


Syahida said…
nice-looking pancakes! i bet they taste just as good :)

pandai u buat, kalau i buat, susah nak jd cantek macam tu (sampai kna kritik dgn anak2 haha)
Ayuni A. said…
Tq Syahida :) Ala..tu pun I cuba2 je..agaknya sebab letak baking powder tu dia naik elok hehe. I am sure yours also taste good, rupa tak elok takpe asalkan bolehler makan hihi..
Nadine said…

kalau guna wheat flour tu wajib letak protein tu ye?

I nak beli wheat flour pun confused the other day. bnyk jenis plak...huhu
Ayuni A. said…
Nadine, tak wajib pun letak protein tu..just coz I bosan nak telan dia as a shake so I just put it in. I think it will work fine without the protein powder, but if it turns out too runny u tambah sikit tepung k.

I beli organic whole wheat flour from Jaya Grocer. Brand apa ntah, lupa dah, tapi macam banyak jual.
Nadine said…
ooh ok, noted. thanks! :)

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