Hand hygiene with Lifebuoy

My little baby Khaleeli is currently down with cold. I kind of expected them to come once we startedsending him to daycare. And sure enough, it came by in just a few days after he started :(

I remember having to deal with such a long episode of cold with Bella, when she was a baby. I am very grateful that the worst case only involved the use of a nebuliser. I hope it won't get so bad with Khaleeli.... :(

Things like this are the strongest reason why I'd rather stay home with the children. Sigh...

Speaking of cold, it is kind of a season isn't it? I am sure many people are contracting it, it does not matter young or old.

We all know that one of the way to prevent the spread of germs is through good sanitation. Especially with our hands.

Have you ever thought how much germs have we touched throughout the day? And worst, have you ever thought that small things like bank notes actually contains the most germs? Imagine how far have that bank note travelled, and how many hands have touched them?

Kannnn....? Euw..

I have read somewhere that the most unhygienic things are ones that is being touched by many people in a short time. Kind of makes sense eh?

Anyway, I don't mean to be such a clean freak, but seriously, it does help to minimise the risk of getting infected.

I do try my best to teach Bella to wash her hands every time we come back from an outing. With that, I always make sure that we have a bottle of antibacterial hand soap at the kitchen counter for everyone to make use of.

We are currently using Lifebuoy as our cleansing regime. Personally, we love the rich lather and the fresh smell. Rich lather means more bubbles, one easy way to get Bella to clean up. Hehe.

Lifebuoy total 10 Hand Wash
Lifebuoy Total 10 Hand Wash contains active thymol, commonly used by the ancient Greeks to ward off infectious diseases. Thymol has been used in medicine for many years due to its anti-infectious properties and its pure oil format is good for warding off colds. The special formula is proven to kill 99.9% of harmful germs in just 10 seconds while advanced ingredients care for skin.

Rich lather!
This girl can keep on playing if I don't stop her. Hehe.
So remember to wash your hands up everyone! :) It may be a small step, but it works!

I'll leave you with an interesting infographic for your reference and reading pleasure.

Click to enlarge.


Syahida Yep said…
our handphones pun not so clean kann, sbb tangan kita dah pegang sana sini..
handwash with lots of bubbles mmg best, i like!

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